Luca Grandjean

Food Master

I am a professional food master who specializes in innovative and sustainable gastronomy solutions for the mordern world...

From intimate producer visits to grand corporate events, I have the skills and experience to create stunning events that you'll treasure forever.

My extensive background in organizing restaurant pop-ups and presenting UMAMI at over 150 events has given me a unique understanding of the culinary world and the expertise to deliver a truly memorable experience. By combining my passion for food and wine with my knowledge of the latest gastronomy trends, I am able to create tailor-made events that showcase the finest flavors and creative presentations. Furthermore, my dedication to sustainability ensures that every event I create is environmentally responsible and supports local producers. So whether you're looking for an expertly curated wine tasting, a cutting-edge culinary workshop, or a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience, trust in my expertise to exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Food is not just about sustenance; it's a shared experience that transcends cultures, unites people, and tells the story of our world one delicious bite at a time."

Luca Grandjean

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